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LSS News: Loeb-Sullivan School offers M.S. degree Online

Pending NEASC approval

In our efforts to provide you the best education experience, we wanted to keep you abreast of our evolving plans. The LSS has developed an Online M.S. degree program major that will begin in the fall of 2013. The MS in International Logistics Management (ILM) graduate program will begin with a single course offering in the fall and then offer two courses per semester in a tri-semester program, allowing applicants to start courses in the spring, summer or fall.

The 36 credits necessary for successful completion will be able to be completed in 18 months when the full curriculum becomes available in the 2014-2015 Academic Year.

The online program is perfect for that career professional working full-time who can take courses anytime, anywhere in a part-time format. For more information, please contact Patrick Haugen at


to Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business & Logistics at Maine Maritime Academy (MMA), a small, co-educational, maritime-oriented public college on the coast of Maine, offering you a world of opportunities. Putting our renowned experiential learning curriculum to work for you in the global economy is the goal of this student-oriented program.

Maine has been known worldwide for the skills of its shipbuilders and sea captains and for leadership in every phase of maritime transportation. Now you can be a part of that tradition and expand it to new horizons by majoring in International Business & Logistics at the undergraduate level. The undergraduate program is enriched with an international business overview fused into the curriculum. Upon graduation you can choose to use your diploma and skills to secure an exciting job in the international business field and begin a rewarding career.

Another option after graduation from MMA is to enter the Loeb-Sullivan Graduate Program to earn an M.S. degree in Global Logistics and Maritime Management. The focus of the Graduate Program has been enhanced, creating a seamless undergraduate to graduate program called 4+1 which enables students to graduate with an M.S. degree in less than 5 years. Our beautiful 35-acre campus on the tip of a peninsula at the head of majestic Penobscot Bay is an ideal setting to begin, enhance or retool your career.

Whether you come from the boardroom or engine room, a tug, yacht or tanker, or are just beginning your educational journey, you will find that the Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business & Logistics can help you navigate your future as a leader in the global economy.

News and Events

MPBN reporter Tom Porter visited campus last Thursday, and his profile of MMA aired this evening. It's titled, "Not Your Typical Four-Year College." ...and the hits just keep on coming!
You can listen to the radio broadcast here:

Radcliffe Awarded Supply Chain Scholarship
Congratulations to Zachary Radcliffe who was awarded a student scholarship award to attend the Supply Chain Summit in August 2014. Banneker Industries, a founder of the Supply Chain Management Summit, awarded scholarships to five undergraduate and graduate students offsetting registration fees and travel expenses to attend the 7th Annual Summit on August 21th, 2014 at Bryant University. The Summit is a one-day event that brings together industry professionals for in-depth conversations about challenges, trends, innovations, and successes in supply chain management. Zach, a junior in the IBL program and Mariner basketball player, is also completing an internship at Bath Iron Works this summer. Congratulations Zach!!

Zach is shown here (far right) with other IBL students completing the required Co-Op also at BIW. Others in the photo include: Russell Pierce, Eric Dupleissis, Brett Milliken and Robert Smart IV.

Hannford Group


Standing L to R

Micheil McLeod, Matthew Methot, Devyn Curless-Clark, Marc Rancourt, Gretchen Veevaert, Russell Pearce, Prof. Cetin, Prof. Jain

Kneeling L to R

Christine Morrison, Jordan Delingher, Kari Jones, Samantha Pease, Alyssa Severance, Courtney Dufour, Kelly Amorgianos, Tyler Oversmith, Linda Wikström

Prof. Jain, Prof. DeWitt (not pictured) and visiting Prof. Cetin took the Graduate Logistics class to visit one of the best run distribution and transportation centers in Maine, the South Portland Hannaford Distribution Center and Transportation Offices. Samantha Pease (LSS ’12, Delhaize Group International Graduate Trainee Program) helped lead the group, including several underclassmen, for the day. The tour gave the students an insight into the daily distribution center operations for a leading supermarket chain like Hannaford. This tour was undertaken as part of the graduate course requirements for BA546 - Fundamentals of Logistics in Global Supply Chains



Names from left to right, Front row: Prof. Navneet Jain, Jessica MacCannell, Alexander Sharpe, Zachariah Webster, Zachary Radcliffe, Nathan McLellan, Nathaniel Zmek
Back row, left to right: Alexander Gagnon, Neal Lofgren


Names from left to right: Alexander Gagnon, Nathaniel Zmek, Mary Kachinsky, Sr. Director, Strategic Sourcing, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, NESCON's 2013 Supply Chain Hall of Fame Inductee

With faculty support from Professor Jain, International Business and Logistics students, ranging from freshmen to juniors, attended the New England Supply Chain Conference Expo on October 6-7th. NESCON, organized by the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), and the Association of Production & Inventory Control Society (APICS), allowed students to participate in educational seminars, listen to distinguished keynote speakers, and network with Supply Chain and Logistics professionals, including representatives from W.B. Mason, Oracle, and Cubist Pharmaceuticals. Along with resume workshops, educational seminars, and vendor booths, students learned about best practices from supply chain professionals. Dean Maier represented the Graduate Program, distributing brochures and pamphlets while explaining the graduate ONLINE and ON CAMPUS program to interested professionals looking to expand their educational background.
Students were able to attend the conference with generous support from the Student Business Logistics Association, the Student Government Association, and the Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business and Logistics. Through these organizations, students are able to take advantage of hands-on learning opportunities both in the classroom and with industry professionals.


Before and After

LSS Grad school students participated in the Ship Jump this year for the first time. Ship Jump has a long tradition at MMA for the incoming undergraduate freshman. This year the Grad students got in all of their practice at the pool and joined the rest of the Orientation students for the jump. While they may look a little apprehensive in the "Before" picture, the "After" picture reflects the excitement of the experience in everyone's eyes. (Photos by Joseph Maier)

The Jump:

Ship Jump
Each frame a different diver:
Gretchen Veevaert, Matthew Methot, Christine Morrison,
Micheil McLeod, Alyssa Severance, Devyn Curless-Clark


Left to Right: Associate Dean Donald Maier, Matthew Methot, Devyn Curless-Clark, Alyssa Severance, Gretchen Veevaert, Christine Morrison, Micheil McLeod and Anthony Miller

Left to Right: Christine Morrison, Assoc. Dean Donald Maier, Matthew Methot,
Devyn Curless-Clark, Alyssa Severance, Anthony Miller, Gretchen Veevaert, Micheil McLeod

Graduate students from left: Diego Sanchez, David Mendez, Anthony Miller, Danica Payne, Samantha Pease, Caroll Lopez, CEO of Eimskip Gylfi Sigfússon, Cassandra Anderson, Christian LaPage, and Dr. Maier.

Front row: Jeffrey Taub, Caroll Lopez, Cassandra Anderson, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson President of Iceland, Danica Payne, Samantha Pease, Prof. Schatz, David Mendez, and Diego Lopez.
Back row: Dr. Maier, Captain Robert J. Peacock II Chairman, MMA Board of Trustee's, Joseph Sullivan, and Christian LaPage.

Graduate students and faculty from the Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business & Logistics were fortunate to attend the Eimskip reception, at the International Marine Terminal at the Port of Portland on May 31st. Eimskip is providing container liner service from Iceland, Newfoundland, and Northern Europe to the US through their U.S. office in Portland, ME. The new sailing schedule and shorter transit times will help Eimskip improve service between Europe and the entire New England area. Connecting with rail access to major US cities, this event highlighted the importance of integrated logistics operations! During the reception and with the help of MMA Trustee and Alum Robert Peacock, the students were able to network with a number of industry leaders including the President of Iceland, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, and Gylfil Sigfússon, CEO of Eimskip.
The event was also a great opportunity to connect with John Henshaw, Executive Director of the Maine Port Authority and Christopher Gardner, Director, Port of Eastport. Earlier in the day the students and faculty attended the 33rd Annual Maine International Trade Day, created and hosted by Maine International Trade Center. The event highlights many of the exceptional international trade opportunities that exist throughout Maine by connecting various stakeholders. The luncheon keynote speaker was Governor Paul LePage speaking about how Maine is "open for business". Throughout the day and during the reception, the on-going emphasis highlighted the importance of logistics to international trade and Maine. The graduate students in the on-site Global Logistics and Maritime Management program participated in the event as part of the strategic project report they are currently conducting on Maine's logistics infrastructure system from a shipper's perspective.

Front Row (L-R) - Alexandra Slotkin (IBL), Edward "Ted" Nichols (IBL), Allyson Fuehrer (MTO), Prof. Laurie Flood, Prof. Lance Burton, Prof. Patrick Lorenz, Haley Griffin (IBL)
Back Row (L-R) - Capt. Sam Teel, Prof. Jeff Willmann, Camden Dionne (MTO), Prof. Mark Libby, Prof. Mark Shaughnessy, Dr. John Barlow, Vice President of Academics for MMA

Maine Maritime Academy students stand out at Maritime Academy Higher Education Summit 2013

Five Maine Maritime Academy students presented at the Maritime Academy Higher Education Summit Conference in New York City.  The five students, Camden Dionne (MTO), Allyson Fuehrer (MTO), Edward Nichols (IBL), Alexandra Slotkin (IBL) and Haley Griffin (IBL-moderator), developed and led a student panel discussion titled The Importance of an Understanding of Logistics in Maritime Education.  Each of the five panelists completed, MA101 Introduction to Business and Supply Chain Management.  By pulling their knowledge together, the overall conclusion was the MA101 course was important for all students to complete regardless of major.  The grounded nature of a global economy, according to the panelists, is that without logistics there wouldn’t be a maritime industry and without the maritime industry, logistics would have a more difficult means of transporting goods globally.

The students were able to attend other presentations while at this conference, which they all found interesting.  In addition, nine other representatives from MMA attended the Summit. The student panelists were also fortunate to have lunch with Maine Maritime Academy alumni, Fred Harris, President of NASSCO, who was the keynote luncheon speaker. The conference was beneficial to everyone involved and they all walked away with a greater understanding of the important relationship between maritime and logistics. 

It’s because of the strong confident, competent, and professional nature of students completing business and logistics related courses that MMA continues to be well represented in various venues such as this conference. The entire MMA community should be very proud of what the panelists were able to accomplish.

Front row: L- R; Alexi Galley and Rebecca Leathers
Middle row: from left - Daniel Mills, Nathaniel Zmek, Kyle Marshall, Kelsey Nalette, and Katherine Polonka
Back row: from left - Alexander Gagnon and Dr. Maier

Eight students from the Loeb-Sullivan International Business & Logistics program attended the 2012 New England Supply Chain Conference (NESCON) on September 30th through October 1st. NESCON is an annual event sponsored by the regional chapters of the Institute of Supply Management, APICS, and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. Our students were able to work on their networking skills with over 400 industry professionals. More importantly, numerous positive comments were relayed to Dr. Maier regarding the knowledge of the industry, level of professionalism, and genuine sincerity of all of the IBL students representing MMA.

Zara-Anne Farrar wins CSCMP Scholarship!  Zara is the 2012 recipient of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), New England Roundtable Annual Student Scholarship. The CSCMP is the world's largest and most recognized professional association for the logistics and supply chain industry. Zara is a senior in the Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business & Logistics and is also a member of the NROTC program. Ms. Farrar was also fortunate to complete her Co-Op this summer serving on the TSSOM and hopes to secure a logistics position with the US Navy or the Military Sealift Command upon graduation. Zara is shown here with Fred Harris, President, NASSCO - San Diego, who was attending the Roundtable and is also an MMA alum.

CONGRATULATIONS TO HALEY GRIFFIN!! The New England Roundtable of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) awarded Haley the 2012 Student Award. The award allowed Haley, a sophomore majoring in International Business & Logistics, to attend this year’s CSCMP Annual Global Conference in Atlanta, GA from September 29th - October 5th covering all travel and conference expenses. The CSCMP is the world's largest logistics and supply chain association of industry professionals. This year's conference was attended by over 4,000 leaders in the logistics industry! The opportunity provided exceptional networking experience for Co-Op's and career potential for Haley. Dr. William DeWitt (L) and Professor Mark Shaughnessy (R), faculty members in the Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business & Logistics at Maine Maritime Academy (shown in photo with Haley) also presented a paper at the conference.

It didn’t take long for the Grad students at Maine Maritime Academy to all pull together. During one of their first Orientation team building outings, the incoming class of 2013 scrambled to get their lifeboat rigged (1st photo) but by the end of the evening had smiles on their faces (2nd photo) and oars in the water!

L-R; Row 1: Alden Collet, Joseph Sullivan, Row 2: Caroll Lopez, David Mendez, Diego Sanchez, Row 3: Samantha Pease, KC Anderson, Row 4: Christian LaPage, Zack DiSilvestro, Row 5: Andrew Kovacs, Tony Miller, (Standing) Jeff Taub

Group photo with Representative Stacey Allen Fitts of Pittsfield

Group photo with Representative Stacey Allen Fitts of Pittsfield, a 1984 MMA graduate. Front Row (L-R): Alaina Scheuchzer, Casey Murphy, Ariel Fowler, Megan Russell, Meghan Bodajla. Back Row (L-R): Prof. Navjeet Jain, Dr. William DeWitt, Dagong Yang, Claude Robilliard, Amy Fredrickson, Rep. Fitts, Beth McMullen, Michael Secord, Alex Reardon, Prof. Mark Shaughnessy, Dr. Donald Maier, Christopher Nowell. View the rest of the photos...

Potoker to Receive 2nd Fulbright Award
Dr. Elaine Potoker has received official notification that she has been approved by Washington and the Costa Rican Embassy to receive a 2nd Fulbright award. Dr. Potoker will return to Costa Rica under the classification of “Senior Specialist in Business Administration and Economics” on May 13 for a 2 month stay.

This assignment will build on the work accomplished during her first Fulbright--published by the Institute for Research in Economic Science (IICE) of the University of Costa Rica (UCR) in 2008-- circulated in print and on-line: "Report on the state of logistics integration and workforce readiness” in Costa Rica post DR-CAFTA, and pre-EU Trade Accord: Implications to competitive advantage." Dr. Potoker’s particular focus is on small to medium sized business (PYMES) development issues related to logistics infrastructure.

MMA NROTC IBL’ers attend Cohen Lecture
William Cohen, Secretary of Defense from 1997 to 2001 spoke at the lecture series presented at the University of Maine on November 17, 2011.  The "Arab Spring" Lecture was a mediated discussion with Cohen, and former Commandant of the Marine Corps General James L. Jones. The lecture covered current issues, and the importance of maintaining security and a stable relationship with the Middle East.  They spoke of the importance of America's role in maintaining a strong relationship with the Middle East, and how democracy is beginning to influence the people of these nations, who are rising from oppression by a dictator, to a new day where the people can enjoy independence. 

Photo ID:
FRONT ROW: Midn Kyle Marshall - MMA, Midn Timothy Robbins - UMaine, Midn William Hadden-Wyper - UMaine, Honorable Mr. Cohen, Former Commandant General James L Jones, Midn Travis Goodwin - UMaine, Midn Will Raymond - UMaine, Marine Officer Instructor Captain Lonnie S Christian Jr., Assistant Marine Officer Instructor Staff Sergeant Gilbert G. Oshana,
BACK ROW: Midn Destin Moag- UMaine, Midn Heath Michaud – MMA, Midn Lucas Desjardins - UMaine, Midn Drake McBreairty - UMaine, Midn Edwin Santana – MMA, Midn Heather Moore - MMA

Photo Credit: Carrie Ward, UMaine


MMA to Strengthen Alliance with University in Puerto Rico

Dr. Jorge Vélez-Arocho, president of Catholic Pontifical University of Puerto Rico (left) and Dr. William Brennan, President of Maine Maritime Academy reaffirmed their Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) during the recent visit by faculty, students and staff of the Catholic Pontifical University of Puerto Rico to MMA in a special signing ceremony on October 13, 2011 in the Alfond Center.

“The collaboration of the two institutions was conceived in 2004 to attract sustainable enrollment to both colleges on site and, more recently, through distance education. With the formal adoption of Memorandums of Understanding in 2006 and 2007, and a renewal of agreement in 2011, this important strategic alliance for both institutions taps the specialization and expertise of Maine Maritime Academy to meet the particular needs of Puerto Rico's island economy and potential for maritime trade growth in response to expansion of the Panama Canal. It also provides for a diplomatically friendly environment in which to offer significant exposure to cultural diversity, and student and faculty exchanges in several program areas, including foreign language, maritime trade and operations, and international business.”

Loeb-Sullivan ’10 Grad earns prestigious appointment (Read more...)

Loeb-Sullivan School  ’10 graduate Aggie Gloskowski won appointment to the class of nine Delhaize Group International Graduate Trainees. Aggie will start her 18-month assignment in September in the United States and Europe. This year’s recruits are from the United States, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Belgium and were selected from an applicant pool of 754 candidates. (Read more...)

Class of 2011-2012 Orientation

The Loeb-Sullivan School Class of 2011-2012 began Orientation this August with team-building exercises, which included rowing lifeboats in Castine Harbor and sailing outside the bell buoy on two of MMA’s larger sailboats; “Whisper” and “Bright Star”. Yes, that is a seal in one of the rowing pictures. (Read more...)

Life-Long Learner

James (Jim) Barr (R), a 1962 graduate of Maine Maritime Academy, received a master's degree from the Loeb-Sullivan School in Global Supply Chain Logistics 49 years later. Associate Dean, William J. DeWitt, offers his congratulations prior to commencement. Originally from Islesboro and South Portland, and current resident of Milford, N.H., Barr returned to MMA in 2009 to begin the master's degree program. . Barr holds a U.S. Coast Guard license as a chief engineer and has served aboard merchant ships worldwide.

Three More IBL Graduates make the Athletic Wall of Honor (read more...)

Three 2007 Students/Athletes from the IBL Class of 2007 and Women's Varsity Basketball Team have joined Katie Clapham (Volleyball - IBL '06) on the Athletic Wall of Honor in Margaret Chase Smith Gymnasium.

See the full story here.

(IBL '07 Student/Athletes -left to right- Shelley Gott, Julia Knights, Alyssa Burns)

Class of 2011 Completes Orientation (read more...)

(Back row - L-R) Kurt Pullman, Nick Killinger, Sean Corr, Henry Knott (partially obscured), Robert Wohltjen
(Front row -L - R) Sarah Vandermast, Tammi Fisher, Callan Kilroy, Cory Googins, Christian Lamberts, Loeb-Sullivan School Associate Dean William DeWitt
(Kneeling next to the life-saver ring) Teplyn Fournier

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