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IBL Undergraduate Curriculum

The sequence of courses for the Bachelor of Science degree in International and Business Logistics is as follows:

Fall Semester First Year Spring Semester First Year
MA101 Intro to Business & Supply Chain Mgmt. MA111 Financial Accounting
EC102 Microeconomics EC103 Macroeconomics
CS150 Structured Problem Solving with Computers GE200 or PO230 - Geography/World Politics
HC111 Composition HC112 Humanities I
MS141 Finite math MS151 Business Calculus
PE (1 credit) PE (1 credit)
Fall Semester Second Year Spring Semester Second Year
MA222 Marketing Management MA243 Financial Management
MA242 Managerial Accounting LO213 Freight Transportation
LO201 Business Logistics HC232 Management Communication
GE200 or PO230 - Geography/World Politics MS253 Statistics for Business and Mgmt.
LAB Science HC*** Foreign Language
  Summer Semester Second Year
  LO200 - Co-op (Optional)
Fall Semester Third Year Spring Semester Third Year
MA312 Production and Operations Mgmt. MA304 International Business
MA332 Business Law MA342 International Human Resource Mgmt.
LO311 Logistics Information Systems LO334 Global Purchasing & Materials Handling
GE210 or PO330 or General Education Elective GE210 or PO330 or General Education Elective
HC211 Humanities II IBL Departmental Elective
  Summer Semester Third Year
  LO400 Co-op (Required)
Fall Semester Fourth Year Spring Semester Fourth Year
MA401 Strategic Mgmt. & Org. Behavior MA422  International Business Law
LO432 Strategic Supply Chain Management LO422 International Logistics
IBL Departmental Elective PY200 or SS200 OR General Education Elective
General Education Elective General Education Elective
General Education Elective Free Elective
Graduation Requirements for students entering fall 2011 and thereafter

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Foreign Language courses may be substituted by General Education electives. CS150, CS210 or CS220 may be substituted for CS100. MS110 or MS150 may be substituted for MS151.
A minimum of fifty percent of business and logistics credit hours required for the IBL major must be earned at Maine Maritime Academy. In addition to meeting the college requirement for graduation with at least a 2.0 grade point average for the B.S. degree, graduating IBL majors are required to have a minimum grade point average of 2.25 in the IBL program core courses. For the IBL program, core courses are defined as courses with the prefixes EC, LO, and MA.
Participation in the Regiment is optional when enrolled in this program. However, students electing to participate in First Year Cruise (CR103) must have been in the Regiment for the year and meet the following prerequisites: 4/C Maintenance; Ship's Orientation; Ocean Survival (PE114), Fire Training, and NS101.

IBL Departmental Electives

(To include the following existing IBL non-required courses and related courses from other MMA Departments)

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