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The Curriculum

Graduate Courses for 2012-2013
Requirements for the Master of Science Degree

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A total of 36 credit hours of graduate courses shall be earned as follows:

Summer - 4 credit hours

OR503 Introduction to Research and Resources (1 Cr. hour)
OR504 Introduction to Business and Management Functions (1 Cr. hour)
OR505 Statistics for Business and Logistics (2 Cr. hours)

Fall - 13 credit hours

RC540 Applied Research for Business Consulting I (1 Cr. hour)
BA542 Accounting and Finance for International Logistics (3 Cr. hours)
BA545 International Organizational Development and Change for Supply Chain Advantage (3 Cr. hours)
BA546 Fundamentals of International Logistics (3 Cr. hours)
BA549 Quantitative Methods for Business and Logistics (3 Cr. hours)

Spring - 13 credit hours

BA544 Economics and Risk Management for Global Transportation and Logistics (3 Cr. hours)
BA547 Global Strategic Marketing Management for Supply Chain Advantage (3 Cr. hours)
BA548 Applied Logistics for International Supply Chain Success (3 Cr. hours)
BA550 Applied Management for International Business and Logistics (1 Cr. hour)
BA551 Port and Transport Terminal Operations in Global Logistics (3 Cr. hour)

May/June (Six weeks; Required for ALL Graduate Students)

BA560 Global Logistics & Maritime Management Strategy (3 Cr. hours)
BA561 Special Topics in Global Logistics & Maritime Management (3 Cr. hours)

If you have any questions about these courses, please contact the IBL Faculty

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